I have worked too much today. My brain dosen’t work anymore but I have little things to do before I go to sleep. I need all the energy a human can have cause tomorrow it’s a big day. G’ nite peeps! 

30 sep


The weekend went fast, my weekend was very good with lot of love, studies and cozy times in this autumn weather. But it’s monday today. A new week! I looking forward for everything this week! Hope you have a good day, see you later! Xo

About me

20 y/o living in Sweden, a law/politic student with passion for fashion and travelling. I’m obsessed with my family, can’t describe my love to them.I have blogged before in years but in two others blog platforms. I also have blogged for UNICEF . You will follow me here in my blog and my daily adventures. Hope you will like it. Xo!