Garderobs tur hos Claire Fabb. Ni kommer få ta del av hennes favoriter från garderoben och mycket mer.

//Garderobs turn at Claire Fabb. You will take part of her favorites from the closet and much more.

Bags. They're my one true weakness. Love them to bits.

Claire har en väldigt blandad smak när det kommer till väskor och har gärna många i olika färger samt former.

//Claire has a really diverse taste when it comes to handbags and have gladly many different colors and shapes.

Travelling essentials. These are some of my favourite pieces to pack up and haul half way around the world and back.

När det kommer till accessoarer tycker hon om synliga och chica smycken.

// When it comes to accessories, she enjoys visible and chic jewelry.

Isn't it funny, it's not until you actually take a photo of something that you realise what you have? Denim and leather, my every day favourites.

Hon är svag för skinnjackor och kan aldrig få nog, likaså gäller det denim plagg.

//She has a weakness for leather jackets and can never get enough, also applies to the denim garments.

I have one drawer completely full of striped t-shirts. Basic essentials in my wardrobe.

Är det något Claire samlar på så är det randiga t- shirts.

//Is there anything Claire collects on it’s striped t-shirts.

My Burberry aviator jacket was a result of the stars aligning. I'd been coveting it all season, then whilst in Florence I was in the Burberry store. There was 1 left. In my size AND there was another lady trying it on. As soon as she put it down, I tried it. It was a cinderella moment. . . and it would have been so rude not to take it home with me.<br />

En av Claires favorit jackor är denna från Burberry, den har hon använt säsong efter säsong! Ett riktigt bra köp med andra ord.

//One of Claire’s favorite jackets is this one from Burberry, the she has used season after season! A really good buy in other words.


Idag blir det en tur i Samantha Wills garderob. Ni kommer få ta del av hennes favorit accessoarer, plagg etc.

//Today there will be a ride in Samantha Wills wardrobe. You will take part of her favorite accessories, garments etc.

I generally don't wear a lot of make up so I want my skin to look and feel fresh & blemish free. I personally stand by SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence, which keeps my skin well balanced while travelling.<br /><br />

Samantha använder inte så mycket smink till vardags då hon hellre lägger mycket fokus på läppar, här ovan ser vi hennes favorit läppstift från YSL samt ett gloss från Lancôme i nude färger.

//Samantha does not use as much makeup for everyday when she would rather put a lot of focus on lips, above we see her favorite lipstick from YSL and a gloss from Lancome in nude colors.

I love to create secret matches within my looks — I mean, who doesn't match underwear and handbags?

Favorit clutchen från YSL

//Favorite clutch from YSL

Gold stilettos are a true classic. Day or night, they can transform an ordinary outfit into a chic ensemble.

Hon har en crush för klackar i guld

//She has a crush on heels in gold

I have been collecting Chanel bottles since my early 20s, and Mademoiselle continues to be my all time favourite scent. I have no idea what I am going to do with all the bottles but I think this where my appreciation for beautiful packaging stems from and why, having special packaging for each SAMANTHA WILLS piece, is such an important thing for me within the brand.

Som vi ser är hon ett stort fan utav Chanel dofter, inte så konstigt med tanke på att de doftar underbart!

//As we can see, she is a big fan out of the Chanel scents, not surprising given that they smell wonderful!

Vintage porcelain plates are perfect to display my favourite pieces and I love to use them to decorate my New York studio.

Vintage porslin använder hon som dekoration i lägenheten och förvarar gärna smycken på de.

//Vintage crockery she uses as decoration in the apartment and keep happy jewelry on.

Inside Her Wardrobe: Samantha Wills

I believe you can't ever have enough clutches. In addition to be super elegant, it never goes out of style. My favourite ones are Yves Saint Laurent, new or vintage.

Fler favoriter!

//More favorites!

I love to display my jewellery in the SAMANTHA WILLS jewellery chest — accessorising is so much more fun (and easy) when everything is organised.

Inside Her Wardrobe: Samantha Wills


Dags för Miranda Kerrs garderobs tur.

//Time for Miranda Kerrs wardrobe tour.

Miranda-Kerr (1)

Vi ser mycket svarta plagg i Mirandas garderob och det är en av hennes favoritfärger och det är ett säkert kort i garderoben. Miranda har en rätt så blandad stil men oftast är det stilrent!

//We see a lot of black clothes in Miranda’s wardrobe, and it’s one of her favorite colors and it is a safe bet in the closet. Miranda has a rather mixed style but usually it is stylish!

//Miranda Kerr

Hon älskar enkla och stilrena ringar men även stora och maffiga. Gärna en mix av en maskulin och feminin stil!

//She loves simple and stylish rings but also big and juicy. Like a mix of masculine and feminine style!

Miranda Kerr

Miranda inspireras utav sin favoritbok som syns i lägenheten och även heelsen!

//Miranda inspiration from his favorite book as seen in the apartment and also heelsen!


Anine Bing är stor favorit hos mig och de kanske ni visste redan om i och med att jag har bloggat om det tidigare. Idag ska vi gå på en garderob- tour hos Anine!

//Anine Bing is a big favorite with me and maybe you already knew about, in that I’ve blogged about it before. Today we’ll go on a closet-tour of Anine!

Vi ser mycket blusar och de går helst i ljusa toner.

//We see a lot of blouses and they go anywhere in light tones.

Anines stil är väldigt enkel. Jeans, t- shirt och ett par converse beskriver Anines stil.

//Anines style is very simple. Jeans, t-shirt and a pair of converse describes Anines style.

I Anines smyckeslåda ser vi mycket smycken från Cartier.

//In Anines jewelry box, we see a lot of jewelry from Cartier.

Det är något med gamla Converse och Anine älskar dom, likaså sin Chanel väska!

//There’s something about old Converse and Anine love them, as well as their Chanel bag!

Vackra plagg funkar även som gardiner.

Vintage och exklusiva märken ser vi hemma hos Anine.

//Vintage and exclusive brands, we see the home of Anine.